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Welcome To Love Health Club

and Animal Healing Arts

Love Health Club is a space for you and your pet to be healthy together. We offer massage, flower essence consultations and health related classes for humans and animals, including a “Best Friends Massage” where you and your animal friend can receive massages together.

We offer yoga, personal training, guided meditation, positive change manifesting and health journaling classes in a private or group setting for humans. Your animal is always welcome to join you in private sessions.


We offer acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, psychomotor therapy, cold laser therapy, herbal medicine, and flower essences to help support your animal friend’s natural ability to maintain or restore health. 

We carry a variety of Natural Pet Supplies such as herbal ear-wash, shampoos, vitamins, natural flea products. We also carry products to help support an eco-friendly life-style.

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