Massage Services at Love Health Club

Meridian Massage & Reiki for Animals by Kelly

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, meridian massage combines acupressure and massage. This helps to alleviate muscle tensions while supporting the natural flow of circulation, lymphatics and qi. Kelly also incorporates Reiki into this work. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Rei means “higher power” and Ki means “life force” or “energy”. This is an offering of healing energy to the individual receiving the session.

60 minutes Meridian massage w/ Reiki for animals $90

Best Friends Massage (one animal and one human ) 60 minutes each $180

Massage for Humans by Michelle

We offer massage for relaxation and rejuvenation. Massage helps to improve circulation, flush toxins, loosen muscle tension and improve posture. We hold stress in our bodies - especially our muscles. When this tension and cellular memory is not released, it can lead to increased stress and difficulties in our lives. In order to care better for our animal friends, we see that it is essential that we also care for ourselves. We also know how stressful it can be if your animal friend is meeting any health issues. At Love Health Club you can receive a massage tailored for YOU. If you prefer, your animal friend can receive a massage at the same time with you!

60 minutes Massage $90 - 90 minutes Massage $125

Best Friends Massage (one animal and one human ) 60 minutes each $180

Thai Massage for Humans by Jennifer

Thai massage combines massage with assisted yoga postures to relieve muscle tension, promote relaxation and clear energy blockages. Thai massage is given on a soft mat on the floor, so the therapist can stretch the recipient while applying massage and acupressure. In Thai massage the recipient is clothed, so wear comfortable loose-fitting or stretchable fabrics to your session.

60 minutes Thai Massage $90 - 90 minutes Thai Massage $125